Frequently asked questions

Q. Why do we need a membership management system? Running the club requires significant effort. For every hour you fly it takes 8 hours of voluntary effort to get you there. Sharing this workload across the entire membership base is crucial. One way to do this is using technology to provide automation and member self service.  The membership system allows members to maintain their own information and allows automated processing and payment of renewals and new applications.

Q. What documents do I need to fly?
 You need your log book, and proof of GFA and club membership.

Q. Who has access to my membership details? Only appropriately approved club members who require the information to perform their roles e.g. treasurer, secretary, membership secretary and committee.

Q. Can other members see my contact details? Other members can see your name, e-mail address, phone numbers, membership type and residential suburb.  Residential suburb is displayed to help facilitate car pooling, this is especially useful for newer members.

Q. I don't have a membership sticker but I want to fly this weekend. Your payment receipt can be used until you receive your membership sticker.  Please print it out and place it in your log book with your GFA card.  

Q. I am at the airfield without a key document, what options do I have, as I've have forgotten my:

  • CLUB MEMBERSHIP - You are unable to fly club aircraft (gliders or tugs) or act as pilot in command of a private glider. Your options are: find a copy of your membership receipt as evidence of membership, return home and retrieve the membership sticker, complete reciprocal / day member form, and fly with an instructor or approved member who will be pilot in command.
  • GFA MEMBERSHIP - Without current GFA membership you are unable to act as pilot in command. Your options are: find a copy of your membership receipt as proof of membership, return home and collect it, complete a GFA AEF form (costs you $30) and fly with an instructor or approved member. You still cannot act as pilot in command.
  • LOG BOOK - Without a log book you are unable to act as pilot in command. Your options are:  return home and retrieve it, fly with an instructor or another club member.



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