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Club Roles & Responsibilities

Below is a list of may of the roles that are required for the club to operate, along with a description of the role's responsibilities. Contact details for everyone listed can be found in the member directory.  If you can see a vacancy that you are interested in please contact the President for more details.  If there are any roles missing please let us know via

Role  Description Responsible 
 Principal leader responsible for the club's  administration and service delivery. The  President oversees the implementation of  the  club's Strategic Plan
 Tighe Patching

 Vice President  Supports the President in their role  VACANT
 Secretary  The Secretary is one of the first contact points  for outside parties wishing to communicate  with  the club. Maintaining the club's  credentials and accreditation requirements  under the  Associations Act is also an  important part of  this role  James Curry
 Treasurer  Responsible for the management of the club's  financial resources, including the accurate  recording of all income and expenses and  development of budgets 
 Tony Carling
 Committee member  Support the management of the club   Paul Spooner
 Committee member  Support the management of the club   Steve Coulton
 Committee member  Support the management of the club   Iain Gilmore
 Committee member  Support the management of the club   Roger Krueger
 Committee member  Support the management of the club   VACANT
 Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)  Fulfil the statutory responsibilities in line with  the GFA Manual of Standard  Procedures (MOSP) and lead all aspects of  instruction and  training for the Club    Paul Spooner
 Deputy CFI #1  Support the CFI  Alan Payne
 Deputy CFI #2  Support the CFI  Judy Laker
 Safety Officer  Lead safety, the development and  implementation of the Club's Safety  Management System (SMS) and promote  safety   Mark White
 Parachutes  Ensure all club parachutes are maintained  Greig Wanless
 Airworthiness Officer  Leads the maintenance of the gliders and  coordinates the annual maintenance schedule  including Form 2 inspections  Richard Traill
 Workshop Manager  Coordinates activities in the Club's workshop  Alan Payne
 Tug Master  Leads the maintenance of the tugs and  coordinates the tug pilots and roster  Steve Coulton
 Contact Steve Coulton for more  information
 Insurance  Provide advice on insurance and ensure the  club's insurances are maintained  Iain Gilmore
 Insurance fund trustee(s) x 3    Steve Trone (to 2019)
 Iain Gilmore (to 2020) 
 Tony Carling (as Treasurer)
 Membership  First point of contact for new members,  providing information and sending membership   pack  Louise Cockburn
 Bacchus Marsh Gliding (BMG)  Represent MGC on the group that includes  Geelong GC and Beaufort GC managing the  clubhouse, shared facilities, and to promote  Bacchus Marsh Gliding  Tighe Patching
 Paul Spooner
 Bacchus Marsh Airfield  Management Inc (BMAM)  Represent the club on the organisation that  runs and operates the airfield  Ben Loxton (Primary) 
 Dermot Coleman (Alternate, also  Secretary of BMAM)
 Tighe Patching (Alternate third   delegate)
 Glide Angle editor  Edit and publish the monthly club newsletter  Troy Evers
 Batteries and Radios  Maintain the club radios and batteries  John Parncutt
 Expeditions   Manage the club camps and expeditions  Mark Hunt
 Flight sheet processing  Enters and processes the flight sheet  information  Tony Carling, Michael Aldridge, and  Ian Northey
 Bacchus Marsh Hangar  Owners' Group (BHOG)  Group is in the process of forming to represent  all owners of hangars on aerodrome land  (MGC is a part-owner of the "North" Hangar -  Soaring Centre 1)  Tighe Patching
 Grants   This role sources and manages grants on  behalf of the club  POSITION VACANT
Contact for  more information
 Website maintenance  Keeps our website/s up to date  Ben Loxton, Tighe Patching 
 Social media  Maintains social media presence across  Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram etc.  Steve Trone, Tighe Patching, Steve  Coulton, John Parncutt, Ben Loxton 
 Member Engagement  Writes engaging content for club's media   channels

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